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Crèche: Inside the Penguin Colony Book

Publication & Layout Design  | 
Traditional Illustration

Crèche is an illustration series initially inspired by my reading of Jeffrey Deitch, Julia Gruen, and Suzanne Geissler’s Keith Haring and Owen Davey’s Passionate About Penguins. Wanting to get back into the fine art/art for art’s sake mindset and exploring my love of zoology, this series of 16 illustrations explores the shapes and details of the penguin species through tightly packed contour line illustrations. Inspired by Haring’s bold, blocky backgrounds and working without sketches, each penguin is drawn freehand on top of single-colored blocks following a loosely laid out grid. The contrast of this grid with the organic shapes of the penguins is a study of working loosely versus my daily practice of graphic design, a discipline tied closely to rules and perfect execution. Everything about this project is a learning experience, from the media to the penguins to my fine art practice.

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