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Holiday 2023

Concept Design  |  In-Store Marketing Design
Email Design  |  Print Design


In Kohl's 2023 Holiday marketing campaign, we were tasked as a team to develop a visual identity that spoke to our new branding platform. Our work was developed across two phases: first, we developed the visuals, and second we created proofs of concept. Through this work, we developed a holiday marketing toolkit leaning into lighter colors, fun plaids, colorful tapes, and inspiring photo collages with products and people. With the visual direction initially created by Nicole Lynch, I worked with the toolkit to develop concepts for in-store marketing, emails, landing pages, gift guides, and gift cards.

Creative Director: Kelly Galbraith
Art Director: Nicole Lynch, Samuel Anderson, Kelly Haga
Designer: Krista Miller
Copywriter: Emily Uecker, Jacqueline Valenti, Melissa Caringer

Over the Door Singage 

Overhead Signage Landing Pages